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Timothy Duong

Hello Everyone,

Has it already been a year? I hope you’re all doing well. Yes, I’m asking for your support again. I’ll be raising money for lung cancer research in memory of my sister, Jenne, and my father, Le, who have both passed away from this disease.

Seven years ago, when my sister passed away, lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths. Today, it is STILL the number one cancer killer in the US. It still kills more people each year than the next three leading cancers (breast, prostate, and colon) combined!

Lung cancer does have a stigma that it’s just a smoker’s disease, which is probably why it’s not getting the attention it deserves. But it’s not just a smoker’s disease. People who have never smoked, like my sister and my father, can develop lung cancer. And the disease is usually only caught after it has spread throughout the body because symptoms don’t develop until then. At that stage, the survival rate is very low.

Let us end lung cancer together. Let us donate more money into lung cancer research. Let us give hope to the next generation that lung cancer can be cured.

Please spread the message and raise awareness for lung cancer, that it’s not just a smoker’s disease, that survival rate is low, and that we need more support. Please join me on September 24th and raise money with me or donate to my page.

Thank you,



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Sorry I can't join you this year Tim...I'm sure you'll beat last year's time!
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Run like the wind!

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