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Mercedes Adams

I hate lung cancer and I want to fight it. Can you help?

My grandparents lives were ended by the terrible effects of cancer. My bright and energetic grandmother Shirley who was quick to serve a bowl of ice gregarious grandfather John who loved to tell stories like the one about the Halloween party in a barn where he met my grandmother...and my darling grandmother Hazel, who was an inspiring inventor and innovator that I looked up to as a curious youth...all three suffered through terrible cancers at the end of their lives.

Lung cancer it impacts our friends and our families. It's a tragic disease that steals away our loved ones and leaves us empty. Can we change that outcome? Can we change our future? Yes, I believe we can.

Please consider walking with us on September 24th or making a donation. Together we can make a difference.

Warm regards, Mercedes



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1. cvCandy Vonk
Thanks for doing this Mercedes!
2. SPSarah Parks
Mercedes - good luck on your fight. I wish you the best. Sarah
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4. Mercedes Adams
5. Mercedes Adams
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