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Gianna Beltramo

As you may or may not know, Lung Cancer is the top cancer killer. I am hoping you will help us raise awareness and funds for this deadliest of cancers by either joining our team, starting your own team, pledging your support, or helping spread the word that Lung Cancer is not just a smoker's disease and that no one deserves Lung Cancer.

We have lost two great-grandmothers, a great great grandfather, and our family has lost many friends and family members to Lung Cancer. We miss them and want to do something to honor them while helping make a difference so we don't have to lose more loved ones to this terrible disease.

Thankfully, our "Rommie", Bonnie, a 10+ year lung cancer survivor, is working hard to make a big change and try to get the funding and awareness Lung Cancer deserves and needs.

Please's going to be a great event! You can run, walk, stroll, crawl, whatever you are able and willing to do to cross the finish line. .. We are in this together...please join us. Some of my friends from school are joining us this's going to be so fun! The event is even open to Canine Caregivers - Woof!

Thank you so much.
Gianna Beltramo
(my mom, dad, and sister are on participating as well)



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Go Gianna!
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So proud of you for doing the walk again sweetie. I love you!
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